Monday, January 26, 2015

2014-2015 Preview Video

-Jake One is not from Minneapolis/Minnesota but Seattle, WA. The gf pointed this out, my bad.

Not the written preview which is coming soon, with a more extensive list (lol), even if this is 32 minutes long.

-Timbre is best known as a HARPIST and not a Cellist as I said. I guess in going through the names/titles etc I didn't realize I mistook her primary instrument.She may have some talents and play some Cello, I dunno, but I meant to say 'Harp" or "Harpist"

again..experiences to learn how to improve these things..I started a Task/Improvement list to discipline myself to work on for these, just to try and avoid stuff like this in the future (although no guarantees of course).