Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Jimmy Gnecco interview

25+ minutes and a few live clips. Not the most in-depth interview ever with Jimmy, but some good detailed info still. Stuff about Ballet the Boxer 1, 2 etc...and these shows he's doing out in Hollywood. If only I lived or could visit there now.

"Rock is Dead" is kind of a sad idea popping up more of late, which I suppose it sort of makes some sense, on a commercial level. But as a fan, having it still being out there on a underground level, it doesn't really matter much to me. Bu the romantic part of Rock music being visible when I was growing up and before, being gone in some ways, is sad, or a sad way to look at things in some ways.

I do like how he talked about Vinyl, but as far as having the older Ours records come out on Vinyl, I kind of wish he had included more about. I worry a little about the cost from the labels who own the rights, maybe being the biggest obstacle for putting those out, but who knows. I'd love them all on vinyl of course.