Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - New World Sundown (2014-2015)

1/31/15 4:46PM

Up for sale/stream. One of my favorites of the season obviously. Review/Video hopefully coming in the next 2 weeks (got 1 more week before I'm on PTO).

1/11/15 11:23PM

new trailer. Having listened to this record a number of times now, I can safely say it's already among if not my favorite record in the new/current season. I don't skip any tracks, etc. A lot of wonderful moments throughout.

I guess I'll refrain from going more into detail for a little while, but at least by around the time of release, I'll try and post details, favorite tracks, etc and likely a video review on YouTube. But likely from now til then, I may rehash or add a bit more in an upcoming 2014-2015 preview I'm slowly but surely working on.

1/02/15 4:46PM

Release Date February 1st, 2015.

You can hear "Howlin' Lessons" now on the stream below or at the bandcamp link. I don't have the time of course at the moment to elaborate as Friday Night dinner is on my agenda, but I can say, I know how good this album already is. And it has a lot to compare to in some ways, at least to me as I adore Terror and Everything After, a top 5 Decade record and an all-time classic for me. And while I can't say how well this record will measure up to that amazing debut album, I can already say I love this record (and I haven't even heard the mastered version).

I also might add, the 2 Mammoth Skin EPs are pretty sweet as well, and I would go for them releasing them as hardcopies, even together.

But as far as details on this record..uh, they should be coming rather least by the release date, and I'll likely try and post a Review on YouTube soon as well.

New World Sundown cover art

1. Brussels
2. Crook in the Gold
3. Aging Archimedes
4. The Generals Girl
5. Pyramid Song (The 3rd and 27th)
6. Duo
7. Howlin' Lessons
8. Hurricane Music
9. Temple Arms
10. Stray
11. In a River in the Woods