Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Book of Right On - How Many Ways Can You Say That You're Speaking (2012)

They just shared one of the songs from this they played last night "You'll Get Nothing and Like it" (and you can hear me utter "The World Needs Ditchdiggers too" hehe)

This is the title of their upcoming 2nd full-length record, that David, their singer mentioned last night at the show at The Cedar Cultural Center. I'd love to write an extensive review of the show right now, but I also have 50 blurbs to write for the Index. I will say, it was awesome to see them at a venue like The Cedar, and the new music that is expected to be included on this upcoming record of theirs sounds rather promising. Some instrumental songs, at least one being rather funky/groove-oriented. When this gets released? well, they have 1 more show scheduled for February 11th at Cause Spirits and Wine Bar, but more or less what David and maybe some of the others I was able to chat with said, they are going to focus on finishing this record after that point.

In other words, if all goes planned, the record could be done the 1st half of 2012, and come out sometime in the Summer or possibly earlier.

The Book of Right On are probably my favorite local band now (no disrespect to Between Two Skies, but I rarely see them, and their album may never come out ala Bubblemath) after seeing them last night.

one or two other opinions to add;

-I guess their name is taken from a Joanna Newsom song. Not a big deal to me, even though I'm not a fan of Joanna Newsom. I would be curious if Joanna Newsom has ever heard of them. Maybe she could play some harp with them sometime. Just as long as she keeps her voice off the mic.

-Some descriptions are calling them "punk" well, I guess having heard their music enough, including 2 shows and their previous/debut album All These Songs About Music, I'd say they have very-little to no punk rock in their sound. The bombastic nature I guess might fit, but they are so meticulous and busy with many layers, parts, etc punk really seems almost the last thing I hear in their music. Now "prog" on the other hand, without question is apparent. But it'll be interesting when this record comes out, what some of the other bloggers and media sources say. Prog, punk, jazz, funk or whatever. I really hope they could become a lot more visible with its release, especially if they have just 1 tune that 89.3 and Radio K is interested in playing.

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