Monday, December 12, 2011

Skeleton Staff - Psychomorphism (2011)

12/12/11 9:27PM

album is available to stream and download

Also the cover art is fixed.

Album sounds good just from 1 listening via the stream. Will it be in the upcming Index? probably.

12/5/11 1:42PM

Bandcamp Stream/Download
Skeleton Staff on Facebook

1 I Told You I Was Poor 4:24
2 Capsize 3:28
3 Prince of Thieves 2:29
4 Gateway to the Stars 4:17
5 Rat Poison 3:18
6 Couldn't Hear Me through the Crowd 4:06
7 Counting Every Second 4:21
8 Turnstyle 2:23
9 I Was Drunk 3:19
10 Becoming My Old Man 5:34
11 The World in 7 Days 2:47
12 Is It Still Good? 1:49

short time, blah blah.

The skinny on these guys, Aussie band who make a cool brand of Power-Pop, debuting with 2010's Solipsism.

This album, is I guess being released next week, December 12th, in Australia. Why then? who knows, but I guess bands don't care what week or month it is when it's being self-released.

Another 2011 eligible for the Index album? technically, but man, it just seems like it would make sense to include along with these others like Kayo Dot, Orphan Bloom, The Age of Rockets, House of Fools, as early 2012.

I guess that may be included in my submission, when it happens rather soon, but not within the rest of the Index.

Regardless, I'm pretty excited to hear this new record.