Friday, December 9, 2011

The Age of Rockets - Adults Update

I know this is directed toward those who pledged to their Kickstarter campaign, but I think there's enough info about this project, it's worth sharing.

It sounds like this album will be coming out around February-ish. The point he makes about it pretty much being mostly him, I guess I'm at a wait and see. I do like the work the other The Age of Rockets members have done, but based on what he says there and their older music, The Age of Rockets in-effect is like a Andrew Futral solo project anyway.

Hey there lil' ladies and dudes. Here is a good ol' fashioned update for you. I said I would know more about the album by the end of November and we are pretty much there. Disc 1 is mostly done. I need to spend a day doing more guitars and a few extra floor tom tracks but I am happy with it and fight the urge to release it by itself every day. I arranged most of the tracks for disc 2 and am very excited about how that is coming along. My guess is by January I will only need to make 1 more disc. Which means the project is a bit delayed but at this point you are all so stupidly patient that i feel like an extra month or so is only a mild bummer. Due to unforeseen circumstances I will be making most of the 3 discs by myself. While this is a bummer for me it shouldn't be for you because both released Age of Rockets records are mostly me as well.

I can also tell you that the title of the album is Adults

the track listing (so far) is:

01 - Darling Street

02 - Alas That Such Evil Days Should Be Mine

03 - March / April / May

04 - Cold Season

05 - Connecticut

06 - (Still untitled #1)

07 - Chapter Seven

08 - Flights

09 - When The Moon Began To Drift

10 - (Still Untitled #2).

A couple of months back there was a grumpy dude (and no one before or since) who was unhappy with me asking for more money for this project. He seemed to think that i said 8000 dollars is what it would cost to make this project and me asking for more was messed up. I have not heard that from anyone else. That is probably because I never once said 8000 is what i would need. In fact, if you read the project description you might have noticed I wrote "Unfortunately, in addition to being really fun, this idea is overflowing with expenses! The mixing of the album will probably cost at least $6,000, mastering around $2,000, and then with packaging and paying string, horn, woodwind players... YIKES" I guess I should have been a little more clear about the exact costs i would need but at the time I didn't fully know. At any rate I think anyone reading that would add $6000 and $2000 and come up with $8000. Packaging I think will be around 2000 dollars, paying players has been about $1000 and there are some gear requirements that were well over $1000. I will also need to pay for art and stuff and of the $8800 (after failed credit cards and kickstarter fees) i got from kickstarter at least $1,500 will need to go to making and sending out kickstarter prizes.

Annnnnnyway. It's looking like this is the way it will be released. Kickstarter backers will get their hand-made version of the album and then i will sell 100-200 less intensive versions of the record online and then that will be it for physical copies. It will go online about 2 months after you get your digital copies.

I'll send along another update around the start of the new year and hopefully the second disc will be done by then and it will leave only disc 3 which is the easiest.

Hope y'allz are well and if you have any concerns about this project or want more info or even if you are mad at me for some reason please feel free to message me personally and I will gladly work it out with you.

RADICOOL (cool +radical).

- Andrew