Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Napoleon Dynamite: Animated TV Series

okay, I just was reminded of/came across this earlier today. I do remember reading or hearing something about it earlier this year. And other than the 1 new trailer at the top, those videos are not new since they were shown at Comic-Con and then shared by FOX.

It's going to air on Sunday evenings at 7:30 (Central) on FOX.

Some of the comments about it say it looks bad, or they should have made it live-action. I'm kind of at a wait-and-see, but I don't expect it to last of course since it's FOX.

My other thought, albeit rhetorical is where is my GHOST WORLD animated series?

Given the lack of many good shows on TV, this may actually stand out. And having the original cast, and the creator/writer of the original movie Jared Hess, this may actually work. I guess one question to ask is, why are the folks involved with the movie doing this? they obviously have not managed to carve out anything bigger in their careers really. Jon Heder has been in a number of movies, including that skating picture with Will Ferrell, but he still has not even come close to doing anything as good or successful as this. And the same can be said about Hess. Nacho Libre? lol.

Tina Majorino and of course someone like Jon Gries have done other things, Gries namely, but he was a support role here and in most other work he does.

But Efren Ramirez? the guy seemed primed to go on to do bigger things after his work in the movie, but maybe it's his time/interest as his credits seem like mostly small/independent cinema. Perhaps some of his work is quite good, just not something I or many others have been able to see.

And Aaron Ruell as well, although at least I can claim to have seen him in 1 other rather impressive role, in On the Road with Judas. But he hasn't been all that active in Hollywood since that movie in 2007.

Diedrich Bader, funny enough, who plays a small role in the movie, is guest starring on Psych tonight, lol. He's maybe best known for his work on Drew Carey anyway.

Vote for Pedro.