Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crippled Black Phoenix - (Mankind) The Crafty Ape (2012)

12/28/11 8:23PM

Crippled Black Phoenix - A Letter Concerning Dogheads by coolgreen

They posted this last week on facebook. The song "A Letter Concerning Dogheads" which is stream and downloadable. I'm digging the ending especially.

12/5/11 8:45AM
Pre-Order link

CD 1:
Chapter I – A Thread
1. Nothing (We Are…)
2. The Heart Of Every Country
3. Get Down And Live With It
4. A Letter Concerning Dogheads
5. The Brain / Poznan
Chapter II – The Trap
6. Laying Traps
7. Born In A Hurricane
8. Release The Clowns
9. (What?)
CD 2:
Chapter III – The Blues Of Man
1. A Suggestion (Not A Very Nice One)
2. (Dig, Bury, Deny)
3. Operation Mincemeat
4. We Will Never Get Out This World Alive Faced With Complete Failure, Utter Defiance Is The Only Response

2011 I got pretty into these guys, or rather, they were/are one of my favorite new bands . So naturally I'm pretty interested in this. 2 CDs? This might be pretty lengthly, which may not matter. I will say, as much as I have really enjoyed getting into them, some of their compositons are pretty extensive, which hurts them I suppose a bit.

And as noted in that link above, the release date is January 30th, 2011.

Still, among the upcoming records, this is still pretty high on my list.