Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything Everything - Man Alive (2010)

7/20/10 1:52AM
I just edited-in the cover art (I believe)

7/6/10 6:53PM
I literally stumbled upon this band for the 1st time over the weekend. I'm pretty sure it was on *that blog* and finally checked them out today for the 1st time. While every track that I played didn't floor me, they certainly had more than enough to get me curious.

Indietronica? yes, you guessed it. Style wise I'd say they have elements of bands like Bloc Party, The Chap and even Foals, but the songwriting at times really works well.

Their approach reminds me of what Pure Reason Revolution and recently both Local Natives and Revere have done. Releasing a bunch of singles slowly but surely, and it appears getting their name out there, before unleashing their 1st large statement. And this new lp of theirs Man Alive drops finally in late August (I've seen 8/23 and 8/30 on 2 different sites).

I guess I'm glad I got wind of this band now and not long after like I did with Operahouse last year, or a band like The Ebb & Flow.

Once this album is available, more should be added here, including the cover art which I'm not certain the image I'm posting here actually is.




2. Qwerty Finger
3. Schoolin’
4. Leave The Engine Room
5. Final Form
6. Photoshop Handsome
7. Two For Nero
8. Suffragette Suffragette
9. Come Alive Diana
10. NASA Is On Your Side
11. Tin (The Manhole)
12. Weights