Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Gloomcatcher - Slow Chorale (2010)

7/15/10 7:02PM


another EP from The Gloomcatcher coming in October. Very cool!

from The River Empires Facebook

The River Empires
Some of the songs on Jessy's old myspace page, including Good Luck Colby and Coral Gardens, will be on the new The Gloomcatcher EP releasing in October. And thanks so much!

4/16/10 4:25AM

Along with The River Empires, this is also a terrific debut record. I can see why Jessy Ribordy didn't want to include these songs/this story with the whole The River Empires canon, but this definitely should not be sold short.

I think it's proof Jessy Ribordy is a very talented songwriter. And while I'm not sure if I'll prefer this over TRE (or TRE over this), it does give 2 very cool projects now I and hopefully many others will like. A bit like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield or Silverchair and The Dissociatives. He's batting a pretty high average here.

Like TRE record, a more detailed review hopefully will come soon about this as well. Both of those are in my top 10 for 2010, and it would not be surprising to see both of them finish the year that high (or top 20 at least).

3/25/10 12:22AM


Slow Chorale
Release Date:April 06, 2010
Welcome to the deep south, July 11, 1886. We are in a hot and sweltering courtroom in a small American town called Saevon. The rickety wooden ceiling fans seem to unhinge with every violent rotation. Women fan themselves as men pull their dusty hats off, wiping their brows. Everyone shifts uncomfortably on the old courtroom benches. Suddenly the judge walks in from the back room as the courtroom rises.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the court is now in session.

1 The Rising Cane
2 Hooks In The Rafters
3 The Devil's Forecast
4 Glory
5 Lathe
6 Where The Earth Goes
7 Slow Chorale
8 Bag Of Bones
9 Rings
10 Baptized
11 Sin And Tribulation

this is the offshoot, side/solo project of The River Empires. I guess what I can say on the surface is I do not have the expectations or hopes for this like I do The River Empires, but if this ends up being good, it's pretty much gravy. I recall or believe this is to be more purely acoustic, or at least more stripped down.

But like TRE's, it does have a concept or story as well.