Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jim Matheos (of Fates Warning, OSI) interview. New FW Album =2011

Here's an interview with Jim Matheos after 1 of the shows they did recently. It sounds like the earliest a new FW album could come out, will be sometime next year.
I'm not surprised, as it's now 1-week into July and no details. They've been busy with the Parallels reunion shows. Plus of course he's been working on a new OSI album *shrugs*.

I guess as a fan, hopefully some details will surface by the end of the year about it and his plans for 2011. And it's nice to find out now, rather than wait the rest of the year/season (through October/November) wondering about it.

2011 keeps looking better and better.

I will add, this will definitely not be the last new entry about Fates Warning this year, hehe.