Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emerson, Lake and Palmer reunion 2010

ELP agrees to headline the new High Voltage Festival, the UK's new flagship classic rock event, on Sunday July n26, 2010. It is expected that fans from the Europe, USA, Japan and around the globe will fly into London to see this much anticipated and unique event

yay! lol..honestly, I'm not all that thrilled by this, but I suppose it's nice. I saw ELp with Dream Theater and Deep Purple (including Jon Lord) back in 1998 at the Grand Casino in Hinckley, MN. They were good certainly. But unless a full-scale tour were to happen, this is much less significant than the 1-off Led Zeppelin show a few years ago.

If it is the only show, it'll be taped and circulated I'm sure. Maybe on 7/26/10 (or 26/7/10) I'll pop in "Brain Salad Surgery" and "Tarkus" in tribute.

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