Monday, November 23, 2009

CHUCK Season 3 Promo, Parenthood casts LAUREN GRAHAM link

2-Hour season premiere on Sunday January 10th, and then it replaces the shark-jumping "Heroes" the next night.

Kristin Kreuk, Brandon Routh and Angie Harmon are going to be guest starring.

Nice to see NBC wise-up a bit by bringing it back earlier than the originally projected March time-frame. Heroes is B-A-D this season, and by some miracle, this may save their butt.

Regardless, my friend's point about NBC leaving all their best shows, besides Chuck, in the farm system on the USA Network is inexcusable. Bringing, what is in-effect, the only good show they have back early, doesn't make-up for the fact their network airs pretty much all crap, and their owned-cable network in USA has I count 6 good shows. (Psych, Burn Notice, Monk, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, White Collar) As my friend says, IT-MAKES-NO-SENSE.

The only other possibility is the new, but pushed-back old-movie-based show "Parenthood," (which based on projections the Wednesday after the Winter Olymnpics end, would premiere on Wednesday March 3rd at 7PM central) which has a decent cast in Monica Potter (Boston Legal, Trust Me), Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money, The Lost Room), Craig T Nelson (Coach) and maybe most importantly, Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls).

edit: In now reading about why this was delayed, Maura Tierney was originally cast, but came to learn about having breast-cancer soon after. My guess is Lauren Graham replaced her. Hopefully Maura is doing well in her treatment; but from a casting standpoint, I can't be upset being a Lauren Graham fan. Although Ron Howard is (executive aka forking $ over) producing (he did the movie and original tv show the year after in '89 and 1990, and the possibly over-rated, but still entertaining-at-times "Arrested Development" among his other many Hollywood credits), but the WRITER is someone named Jason Katims. Looking at his credits, namely the writing, his best work was a few episodes of the canceled-too-soon Rebecca Romijn WB-show "Pepper Dennis," "Roswell," and "My So-Called Life." His other work, namely "Friday Night Lights" is not really anything to write home about.

Lauren Graham has been good in other things, but there's no debating over how great Amy Sherman-Palladino's writing on Gilmore was for her. So this, being possibly the only other good NBC show with the demise of Heroes, gives the laughable-network 2 shows worth watching on their main network, and still 6 (or now-5 with Monk gone). But is Jay Leno helping them climb out of 3rd place? of course not. The USA shows probably would, but perhaps with Chuck returning so early and Parenhood with Graham, they may finally gain an ounce of respect back.

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