Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just voted, others need to, too!

Hi dude, this is dan from BEND SINISTER here. We are offering 10 of our favorite songs from our 3 records completely free for download at our new website if you'd like to check it out!. They are available here:

Also we are taking part in this MUSIC BC/PEAK radio station contest right now for a chance at a 150,000$ grant towards our musical career which as you know would be a huge help for any artist to continue making a living touring and recording. The contest is based on online votes and it only takes a second to vote for us in the contest. We are falling behind and could really use your support so if you have a second please vote at:

If you really want to help, I know facebook and twitter are more key these days so were are hoping people might spread the word on their facebook/twitter status and get there friends to vote!

Thanks for listening and PLEASE take a second to vote and spread the word, we could really use the help!

Much love

I noticed the other day, Bend Sinister are now represented by The Agency Group who have a ton of names on their roster including: King Crimson (and many of their members solo work), Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, 3, dredg, Nicole Atkins, The Dresden Dolls, Dragonforce, Muse, Murder By Death, Malajube, The Sword, Rush, Russian Circles, Pink Floyd, etc etc

I'm not sure what or how much it means, being that list being as length-ly as it is. But I'd like to believe getting that kind of representation would benefit the band. Does Malajube tour? I dunno, but they're from Canada and might be in a similar spot in some ways. Although I'd guess a lot more people know them, given how their music is more available, and name is more known.

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