Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Untitled (2009)

11/18 review
Very good movie! Admittedly, the experience with meeting Prince might have distracted me, but I'm not sure how much.

This was a very effective parody of music/musicians and artwork in general. To be more specific, like the most misunderstood Andy Warhol-like creator modernized, or as a musical equivalent, maybe someone like John Zorn.

But it was PURE PARODY.

Adam Goldberg hit on line-after-line. Yeah, it struck me again how he does more or less play the same character in every movie he's in. But especially here, it didn't matter. The writing was just perfectly delivered.

"Harmony was a capitalist plot to sell pianos"

Also just his actions, like his annoyance when disrupted, he waves the American Flag in demonstration. Or at a restaurant, a cellphone goes on and he then resorts to hacking away loudly on the piano he was being paid to play as background music.

Crumpling -up paper as percussion, using a whoopee-cushion? I forget what else. he even plays a depressing piano piece at a wedding. And then at a showing of the avant-garde art, in protest due to his music "not fitting" with the artwork, he has his group change to a score to what is in-effect pure-silence as a musical-piece, lol.

The art-humor was effective as well. Using real-animals (it appeared at least) in various stuffed positions with different household devices. If I recall, there was 1 with a cat connected to a vacuum.

This movie was about the parodied humor, dialogue (commentary on art and the art-scene in NYC mainly), and characters. The plot itself, was not all that brilliant. Character-relationships, etc..

And the truth is, while the humor always worked, it did get a bit repetitive. That and the last 20-30 minutes seemed pretty rehashed jokes from earlier in the movie.

Also one thing people who saw this movie should kill some time some day on Many of the unusual approaches to sound and instruments used in this movie could have been inspired-by or taken from that website. Playing Bucket? it wouldn't surprise me.



A fashionable contemporary art gallerist in Chelsea, New York falls for a brooding new music composer in this comic satire of the state of contemporary art. Adam Goldberg (Two Days in Paris) plays the serious composer...

I'm seeing this tomorrow evening at Edina Theater. It doesn't look bad, about the art and music world in a sense. Adam Goldberg stars.

words to follow soon after.

oh and I actually have a *date* kinda/sorta. Not sure exactly what to call it :p

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