Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dead Letter Circus (March 2010)...Eroica (RIP)

Dead Letter Circus new/debut album apparently will be coming out in March 2010 ..or *projected* at least.

good to find out when. But as I've posted before, I'm in a wait-and-see with them. Their debut ep was pretty good; their new songs not so much. Hopefully the full-length will be better.

Eroica is officially done. I got a message back from them yesterday.


I guess some of the members also are in Irepress, lol..and another band called Henry Gale which are both of the "post" variety, not surprisingly.

Eroica >>> Irepress

and I'm not really getting a much better impression from Henry Gale just sampling their myspace. But who knows.

So, along with 100Ft Snowman and Fields..Eroica joins that fatality list :(

it happens every year, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. O well, maybe they'll do a reunion or something similar to Eroica again. RIP guys.

edit: this pisses me off in some ways. I was just thinking, why do you get all these boring, nature-music "Post" bands who are still around, and yet one of the more unique/distinct ones like Eroica goes away like this. It's-just-not-fair.

Reminds me of People For Audio. Baffling.."the good don't last too long" as they say, and the mediocre get popular and remain for decades often times. Fuck them.

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