Sunday, November 10, 2019

Daniel Victor interview (Neverending White Lights) on the Audio Judo Podcast

This is a new interview that Daniel Victor did with the Audio Judo podcast.

It's a little over an hour.

Very good interview and good to hear Daniel talk about things with Neverending White Lights, the current status, some of the history, etc.

I really love a lot of NWL music, and totally support Daniel with whatever he does musically.

He's a very talented songwriter who is very ambitious and unique.

The stuff to take from this interview being that he's written and demo-ed music for a large sum of songs. He said Act IV for the 3rd incarnation, is all written, and he's written enough other songs for half of Act V.

He of course is staying with the NWL approach to having different singers for different songs. Although if I recall correctly, at one point for Act III or it may have been just after, he said he may not always do that. I wonder if a lot of that was due to time, or he found he wrote many songs that the other singers were not required, aka he would sing on them only, or maybe they would be instrumental tunes? i forget, that was many years ago of course.

I feel his frustration and experience about the Music Industry, label, and success being found and then not found with a follow-up.

And the gap in years since Act III being 8 years, as a fan, I both feel the frustration with him, but also only want what is best. The music to be released in the best way possible.

Because he says if things with the Music industry and label didn't go the way they did, he likely would have released 3 or 4 more albums this decade. He had like 100 songs written.

he also repeated what I remembered with the 1st incarnation of Act IV being lost due his place being flooded and the hard drive with it being lost. I suppose his feeling of that it wasn't meant to be makes sense, but the NWL fan in me likely will always wonder about that music.

But Act IV will come at some point hopefully. It does remind me a bit of what happened with Close to Edge from Yes.

But he does say towards the end of the interview, how Acts I and II will be added to Spotify soon and his website and albums will be revamped, maybe also on bandcamp? they are there anyway.

And likely in 2020, he'll at least be releasing a new song. As far as Act IV? maybe it's worth not assuming any time frame. I wonder if part of it is having the singers come on board. He mentioned Matthew Good whose a fellow Canadian musician whose friends with Daniel. I know him, liked some of his music from memory.

I can't help but wonder if some of the others could include Jeff Martin from The Tea Party and Dan Moxon of Bend Sinister. He mentioned knowing The Tea Party and they being from his hometown of Windsor, Ontatrio.