Friday, November 8, 2019

Vonavi - Reflection (2019-2020)


Sucker is released today.



ME? gonna have to wait until I get home. Very thankful it's on YouTube as well. Will likely listen tomorrow at work as I have almost 4 hours to extra time to complete.

It likely will be getting and probably sustaining for a few months, the EARLY LEADER IN THE CLUBHOUSE for 2019-2020 Albums of the Year race.

As screwy as this sounds, this album I am making eligible for my Decade and Century list which I hope to publish no later than X-Mas, but it could be Thanksgiving-ish or even next week when I'm off Mon-Wed.

Kinda doubtful though given how new it is to find 4.5-5 star territory, But I have may to include some extra anticipated Century and 2010-2019 albums in there.

11/3/19 11:00PM
Per their label's site: The Artwork and Track List below

1 Sunburst feat. Run Rivers 4:01
2 Her 3:52
3 Fear for You feat. Lorna Rose  3:56
4 Calling  4:18
5 Full of Lies 4:02
6 Moan  3:46
7 All in Your Eyes feat. Run Rivers  4:52
8 Everyday  4:31
9 Feel the Embrace feat. Lorna Rose and Run Rivers  3:48
10 Hearts on Fire 5:08
11 Regrow feat. Run Rivers  4:00

Article and Song Premiere of "Regrow"

I'm not seeing tons of details about Reflection , Vonavi's upcoming DEBUT ALBUM, other than from that article, some of the song titles:

Full of Lies

But the release date is here:

Ukranian songwriter and producer Vonavi will be releasing his debut album Reflection on November 8, 2019 via 61 Seconds Records. 

So it's not all that far away. "Sunburst" is the track I heard earlier this year that won me over. Run Rivers is the singer from Stateless and he appears on Reflection along with Lorna Rose.

I am rather intrigued about this album and hearing more of the stuff from Run Rivers as he seems to appear on a lot of tracks from other artists "featuring" such as this artist Baran.

But with Vonavi and the stuff about in that article, I am anticipating a really atmospheric, mesmerizing at times record with a lot of layers.

I guess some describe Vonavi's music as "Down Tempo" and mostly electronic, like James Blake, but either I don't recognize it so much, or maybe I've found a taste for some of the slower down-tempo electronic music that many are into.

I mean it's a cult genre or genres I suppose as I have not heard of many if any of the artists on the 61 Seconds Records label/website , but maybe I'm missing out on some of it.

when the full details come about this album in the coming days/weeks, I'll have to try and bump/edit this.

Sadly, November is past the 2018-2019 deadline, but it will just add to great list of records coming in 2019-2020.