Friday, November 29, 2019

OT: Health

I may or may not write more extensively

well, come to think of it, I quite likely will.

My Blood Sugar was found to be over 500 on Monday.

I went to the ER on Tuesday (the nurse called me with the news on Tuesday).

It's coming down, but I very likely am Diabetic.

I have been probably since the Spring of 2019 when I noticed I lost 10-15 pounds, and especially since June, maybe earlier, I probably have been more thirsty and had to urinate more often than normal.

And last week I was experiencing shortness of breath.

Gradual changes in diet as I'm learning, other than sweets, more portion size than entirely eliminating.

Perfect Storm really, with everything else on my plate, but there hopefully will be some silver linings with this.

How this impacts this blog, my interests in Music and other entertainment? hopefully not dramatically, other than financially. I hopefully will be taking oral/pills for this instead of regular insulin. But as of right now, I need to schedule time with a Diabetic Dietitian.

Great way to celebrate Thanksgiving....but it could be (much) worse I guess.