Wednesday, November 6, 2019

George Michael - This is How (We Want You to Get High) [1B]

This is on the Last Christmas Soundtrack, coming out on Friday November 8th.

New song or DEMO?

it's good, although I question whether this actually was ever finished to George's satisfaction.

The fact is Nile Rodgers was over in England, signed a contract to record George's new album with him.

It never happened because the plans were to happen after Christmas in 2016.

Some of the comments on YouTube say there's a whole album or at least 4 unreleased songs to release?

like 4 or an album of Demos?

The REAL album is the album the label owns that if I recall what my wife told me, was to come out after Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 in the 90's.

THAT ALBUM I believe is finished, and could come out some day. The Record Label (Sony Music?) owns it, and would have to decide to allow George's estate to release it. Or the Estate BUY it from the label.

here's an article, and the title Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 2.,

THAT IS THE REAL HOLY GRAIL for George Michael fans

or Trojan Souls
Another album called Trojan Souls was recorded in 1994 and allegedly features vocals by Elton John, Sade, Anita Baker, Bryan Ferry and Stevie Wonder