Saturday, November 30, 2019

A-Z Artists Series Coming

So revisiting bands like Ramona Falls and Bruce Peninsula recently. and also thinking about all those "Meaningful Songs" entries I posted in 2018 and some in 2019, I just came up with a new, practical series of entries to post.

So if the name sticks okay "A-Z" will be what it will be called.

What I just had in mind is like the "Meaningful Songs" it will not have a required length. It might be 1 paragraph or even 1 or 2 sentences, or it may be a lot more.

Artists also may be repeated at points.

But what it more or less will be just my thoughts, opinions, passion-about, anecdotes possibly, or just the NAME DROPPING of a band/artist

It will NOT be done ALPHABETICAL chronologically. What I could see is if I posted 10-25 or more of these, I may make a Alphabetical List with them all.

But the point is, to name bands/artists that I enjoy, some I have mentioned often recently, some I may never have mentioned. And maybe a lot that I have mentioned many years ago.

It could be bands/artists from the 70's, 90's, 2010's, restrictions.

It could be bands/artists I only know a little about, or 1 song/album. it could be artists I'm a longtime passionate fan about, etc.

I may link/embed a video, or not. Post an image of an album or albums, I dunno.

I guess I'll see.