Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Dear Hunter - The Indigo Child

1 Link on REDDIT

I'm not going to copy and paste the discussion there as it would be preferred to actually pass along an actual announcement (press release?) from Casey Crescenzo or The Dear Hunter specifically.

Long story as short as possible:

Some of this information has been talked about the past weeks at the tour the bands just finished last night.

It was discussed on at least a couple different threads on Reddit (previous to the 1 above).

Casey and the band didn't want it passed along to not to spoil t it for those attending shows of the special tour they just did.

But from skimming that topic and some of the previous ones.

It's a new concept series not connected in any way to The Acts.

Act VI is going to happen in some form
Making albums is not all what these will about, but also (to what some suspected) will be ventured into the Film medium, and the "Prologue: Cycle 8" is an 18-minute film shown at the shows on the recent tour.

Now WHEN The Indigo Child is released? 1 of the Reddit posts said 1 album likely will be released in 2020. Possibly with a film? including and/or maybe more than just the 18-minute short shown on the tour.

I suppose given the time and $ required to make film, it may dictate how often these come out. Who knows. Perhaps the films will be made 1st and get released, and the music afterwards? It's something I'm sure Casey has been thinking/planning/speculating etc for many months over the last year or more.

I guess we'll see.

Old Reddit Topic: Act VI: The Hanged Man

"Act VI is going to be titled "The Hanged Man." We don't know what it's going to be, or when it's going to come out.
At the end of night one there was a 15-minute sci-fi short film about an 8 year old child being taken away from his mother (who voluntarily reported his coming-of-age for this purpose) to serve in some manual labor for some dystopian futuristic society. This is apparently going to be the concept for a new bunch of music. The two new songs that were played are a part of this story.
We have no idea how any of this connects to Act VI, or if they are one in the same (seems unlikely, but I guess possible). Casey did mention that those new songs and that short film are part of a new project that will incorporate music and filmmaking going forward. Casey said they will release a new album next year, but we don't know if that's going to be Act VI or this new Sci-Fi thing.
So yeah, tons of big news!!"