Friday, August 10, 2018

Capital Cities - Solarize (2017-2018)

Nice cover art. This seems to be a mix of the recent singles which are all great, and the Swimming Pool Summer EP which I also like a lot of. And it looks like 5 new tracks.

Epic record, unsure though if this will be the standard or most thought-of version. And I ain't touching the entry on rateyourmusic per I would think the plan is to release this in some physical formats (maybe some info/sites show it, but I haven't seen it yet). Vinyl, cd, etc. 

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1 Space 3:04    
2 Swimming Pool Summer [Explicit] 3:33    
3 My Name Is Mars    3:11    
4 Venus and River 3:04    
5 Levitate 3:10    
6 Drop Everything 3:10    
7 Just Say When 3:11    
8 Girl Friday 3:05    
9 Gatekeeper Julie [feat. Jim Svejda] 2:53    
10 Only If You Want It 3:32    
11 Drifting 3:16    
12 Sunburn Surrender 3:11    
13 Vowels 3:04    
14 Good Enough 2:18    
15 Girl Friday [Clean] [feat. Rick Ross] 3:07    
16 Swimming Pool Summer [Explicit] (THCSRS Remix) 3:58



Our new song "Space" is out now and our new album "Solarize" drops Friday August 10th.

It seems these 6 tracks will be included:

My Name is Mars
Venus and River
Just Say When (I always think of the Fair to Midland track when seeing this title)

Will any of the tracks from the Swimming Pool Summer EP be on Solarize? unlikely.

I do find it odd that it comes out next Friday, and yet there's no cover art or an official track list yet. Or even press releases or blogs with reviews, etc. I suppose in some ways I am glad as I am pretty sick and tired of so many of these other sites getting "early reviews" access for really no justified reason over even this blog of mine.

Also the fact 5 or 6 of the tracks are already available in some ways sucks since not that many of the tracks will be new. On the other hand, every track they've released recently is excellent. "Venus and River" maybe being my favorite.

Also no Spencer Ludwig I'll presume, which is unfortunate, but I'm sure it's for the best. There still is trumpet though which matters.

Anyway, I'll have to bump+edit this entry of course when that stuff shows up of course (maybe this weekend).