Wednesday, August 15, 2018

OT: Wills

A Death occurred in my wife's family late last week. An Aunt of hers who among the many siblings of her mothers, she was probably closes (and her mother was as well).

It's not been simple or easy in some ways, etc.

1 of the things is what she may have left my wife. And her Aunt had 2 Wills, not just 1.

The 1st one has been looked at, etc. But the 2nd one not yet, so my wife is wondering what it may say still.

So while I am relatively young still, it got me thinking a bit today about a Will.

All my crap. Who does it go to, if anyone? And I guess it is something people update semi-regularly.

My record/music collection? it'll likely end up at a Thrift Store or in a landfill. It's so fucking niche, most vendors probably wouldn't take half of it.

And I also wonder if there is an online site for this stuff, just to catalog/list it, etc.

It's something I may try and look into at least in the coming years if not months even.

I honestly would not be surprised if my health may not be highly perfect given my family history and the crap I've dealt with just in the last 5 years especially with constant kidney stones and more recently reoccurring hemorrhoids (although it is genetic in some ways, it also is thought of being dietary in a lot of ways).

Wills..jeez. Not that like I have much other than the a small retirement sum currently I have built up being at the same company for almost 14 years.