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Ours - Spectacular Sight (2017-2018)



It's good to be an Ours/Jimmy Gnecco fan. I just wonder/hope he is able to release these albums as he wishes and distribute them, while retaining the rights.

-2 Ours albums
-Pepe Deluxe

a 7-9 track release of some kind (Spectacular Sight or something else) in the next few weeks,

2 albums in 2019

Songs written with/for Hannah Gernand.

A Post on the killtheband message board

So, news!

Jimmy is trying to figure out how to release the records and still keep the rights to the songs, so the two finished albums are going to be released sometime in 2019.

But, he also said that he was gonna release 7-9 songs for free in a couple of weeks. This being mainly sad piano songs that he didn't want dragging down the full Ours records.

Oh and he has also given a bunch of songs to Hannah Gernand and recorded them with her.

Jimmy explains:

So nothing is really been posted officially that I have seen (but I haven't looked everywhere). But on the Killtheband message someone shared this, which I am wondering if they got it at 1 of Jimmy's recent shows.

Also it was posted there as well, the 1st single in June and the album August.

Possible Track List to Spectacular Sight:

Bring It On
See The Light
Don’t Lose Yourself
Razor In My Heart
You Are The Answer
Across The Clouds
Media Age
Pain Aside
Kids (ADD to the BPM)
Miles Away
Your Man

The album was pushed back for various reasons that haven't really been explained except for the fact the guy who was to mix it, Jason Corsaro, passed away very sadly last Summer after a battle with Cancer. How much of this album he worked on? I dunno, and I'm pretty sure all the music was recorded before his passing. But I wonder if the influence/inspiration on parts of it could have changed after that.

Anyway, when more of the details come, of course I'll pass them along.

Oh and 'Made to Love" which I think has been played live a lot recently, I guess will be coming on the next album. I hope that is sooner than 5 years from now, although I still am for Jimmy the band taking their time. But as I posted below, some 40 songs were considered for this album. Recorded I guess which goes back to the fact they and Jimmy specifically have a ton of songs still unreleased. I question if/when many of the older ones will get released, but who knows.

Us fans would be happy just to have them put up online, at least if they have been recorded and properly mixed and mastered.

I should repost a list sometime soon. But in the mean time, June and August are likely 2 times to get excited as an Ours fan.

6/13/17 12:20PM

bumping this as this album is only a couple of weeks away.

And lucky enough for me, being a Black Card Holder, they were kind enough to send a sampler of 3 songs to download yesterday.

Slipping Away
Don't Lose Yourself
Across the Clouds

Love them all, "Across the Clouds" is mesmerizing and maybe my favorite among them.

We may not get a ton of information about this album until release day on the 27th per that sampler came from bandcamp and some artists have done the whole little-to-no-info with a Bandcamp release. Not even a preorder.

I'm cool with that, but still totally anxious to hear the rest of this. The reasoning behind the sampler was in the email the CD Release show on June 17th (in NJ) was supposed to have the album for sale, but I guess it won't be. But the sampler is not a band alternative.

edit: just got an Updated email.

the album is being pushed back for reasons beyond the band's control I guess. Some 40 songs were considered initially, 20 are still in the running.

So it won't be released on June 27th I guess.

This sampler certainly helps. Very excited still, it may just not come out for a few more months. No biggie.

And I do plan on buying it even for the fact as a Black Card holder, they are going to send it to me for free. I just want to give the band money regardless. Plus hardcopy, vinyl of course, etc.

1/25/17 7:18PM


OURS record release party for their upcoming new record Spectacular Sight will be on Saturday, June 24th at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.  Click HERE for tickets.

OURS will perform and sign copies of their upcoming new record.  Special performances by Intrepid, Ronnie Shingelo and Hannah Gernand.  Doors 6pm.  All Ages.

11/12/16 11:18AM
Below is from the latest newsletter.

Ours new album III drops next Spring! A free download of a new song for those going to the show in NYC 1-week from tonight at the Bowery Ballroom. Hopefully that track will be streaming on their FB/Website and YouTube/Soundcloud, etc soon after.

Why the title III? Not Ballet the Boxer Part 2, etc..I can only guess it may sort of be like a 3rd Chapter (Chapter 3: Money, lol) sort of in the history of the band.

Or maybe the III symbolizes a number of things.

I also can't help but think of the band Three as well and what seems like a lot of parallels and similar fanbase in some ways.

At any case, as a huge fan of Ours, I can't wait to hear this album of course.

 photo Ours - III ad Spring 2017_zps2iqcrhch.png

FREE New OURS Song Download, from Ours Forthcoming Record III,
to everyone who attends the Bowery Ballroom show on 11.19.16!