Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Who Cares About the Rock Hall PODCAST

 Not a lot of time of course, but I also feel like just shouting-out and passing along this relatively new podcast almost strictly about the Rock Hall.

The podcasts are not short (90 mins+) but the topics and process they use warrant that length.

It has 2 comedians who are the hosts, and usually 1 guest who often also is a comedian. Sometimes music person or a few times, former members of the Rock Hall nomination committee.

I have only taken-in parts of 3 or 4 podcasts, and 1 full one (the one on Whitney Houston).

I like their discussion and analysis overall, but at the same time, I agree with my wife to a point in that they don't always have all the data/info before commenting (something I am guilty of myself).

But it does seem the 2 hosts have somewhat of a broad spectrum on music, and at least are more in the line of thinking of some fans like myself, that there are a ton of issues that could and should be changed/fixed/corrected with The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I don't like their criticism of The Moody Blues though, but I have yet to hear the episode they focused on them. But the female host Kristen seems to not care about The Moodies influence and how early they were to a genre that found so many others soon after (prog and psych rock).

Anyway, I likely will follow-up about this soon, but in the mean time, if you want an in-depth discussion about the Rock Hall, this is a good place to look beyond the assortment of Blogs and of course Future Rock Legends.