Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Family Crest @ The Turf Club in St.Paul 8/8/18

So this was what I count the 4th time I've seen The Family Crest and possible 5th or 6th time they played in Minnesota that I recall (there was 1 show scheduled at least at The Varsity Theater I think in 2016 that they opened for someone, but I'm not sure if that even happened per The Varsity's issues at the time).

The below set list is like 93% accurate as I did finally get a set list sheet after the show, but there's 1 song that I'm lost about "Name"? or "Nonce"?..anyway

edit: someone (I think Anthony, TFC's drummer, in The Family Crest DISCORD page pointed out "Name" refers to "She Knows My Name" (thanks!) I guess I didn't have enough time to spend jogging my memory when reading and copying the set list earlier today (although I SHOULD have known still).

Fantastic show overall. Among the 4 shows, probably the best, and I would guess the longest as they played around 70 minutes I think.

There was even a point Laura asked the crowd about Michael McDonald, if anyone knows him/his music and the song "Keep Forgetting" and I guess she has many other times this tour and often barely anyone knows him/his name.

But of course myself and a handful of others cheered and Liam even went into a Michael McDonald-rendition of "Mirror Love" which I think is online or on 1 of the BAND TOGETHER podcasts they've done.

It was cool, funny, and smooth. And the wife whose only take on TFC is "Never Gonna Stop" hears Liam say "Never Gonna SCHTOP" lol..but she might have appreciated the Michael McDonald dialog at least had she come. Although they covered Hall and Oates once and I played the tune for her and she rolled her eyes of course, lol.

But yeah, they obviously have more material to choose from live with The War: Act I now released along with their previous albums. We did get to hear "Rest" which may be the 1st time this tour (or ever) for them to play it. I was totally getting goosebumps during the keys/xylophone section about midway through that is 1 of many highlights on my favorite record of this year.

It's just so bloody DREAMY and surreal. A  bit like the uplifting keyboard part towards the end of "Love Don't Go"'s just so magical and special.

Also Never Gonna Stop is totally epic live. Liam wailed on that one, more than the studio version. It may be one of the best epic songs live with the title track to Beneath the Brine, which still remains their biggest showstopper. And they played it live last night, which they may not have the last few shows given Liam was under the weather a bit.

Beneath the Brine is just fucking passionate and big. I would love to hear them do it with a full-scale orchestra someday. It's so fucking Majestic.

Also the sax parts on "Mirror Love" and "Never Gonna Stop" and maybe 1 other they played on Flute (Laura) Trombone (George) and I want to say the cello (Charly) and violin (Owen).

Anyway, I think these guys keep getting better and better live just as their records do. And it was great to see a bunch of fans of The Dear Hunter there, 1 guy i chatted with in particular named Eric, saw them with TDH twice back in December. And he traveled from here to other markets (Colorado and I forget the other city..maybe Chicago).

I can't help but be giddy to see so many fans of The Dear Hunter catch on to The Family Crest. They should tour again someday (and have Dirt Poor Robins along too by some miracle..or any number of the still-active bands that I posted in Music RECOMMENDED FOR FANS OF THE DEAR HUNTER ENTRY).

Set List:
The World
Take Tonight
Waiting Still
Mirror Love
She Knows My Name
Never Gonna Stop
Beneath the Brine
Love Don't Go
Marry Me
Keeps Us Dancing

As We Move Forward