Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lost in Vegas REACT TO: Dream Theater - Metropolis Part 1

Props for checking them out and creating a poll of which song to check out.

The basketball analogy actually makes a fair amount of sense.

The thing is though, and they explained they did no research about Dream Theater. But the technicality IS THE ENTERTAINMENT.

And when you listen to a song like this over some time, what sounds and seems overwhelming, becomes actually somewhat listen-able and you get to understand what and why they wrote this song the way they did.

I've heard Metropolis Part 1 probably 300 or more times, and for me, it's not actually overly complex, but just very well composed. The shrink-and-grow section especially.

I'd be curious to hear their take on something like Spawn of Possession, uneXpect or SikTh and they might feel Dream Theater is somewhat tame in complexity.

But none the less, props to these guys for checking this out and they definitely give a good take about what Dream Theater is about, it's just for people who enjoy hearing this kind of music, their reaction isn't necessarily the same.

I suppose while Metropolis does represent Dream Theater in a lot of ways very well, I would have liked to have heard their reaction to a song like "Blind Faith" "A Change of Seasons" or "Scarred"..or even say "The Spirit Carries On' or "Solitary Shell" if they want the song shorter. They might be surprised it is the same band.

But it's obvious this kind of music isn't their forte, and I guess Hip-Hop may be? but I will have to check out some of their other videos, namely Queen and Black Sabbath.

edit: they do have quite a few Rock and Metal Reaction-To videos, so perhaps they do enjoy a good amount of Rock music, but maybe not highly technical stuff?