Monday, November 27, 2017

The Dear Hunter - All Is As All Should Be [EP] (2017-2018)

11/27/17 4:00PM

Viny arrived today, but of course no real ability to listen to it, so I'm likely going to be waiting until Friday when the download link arrives.

But here's another track and video:

edit: John Malkovich?

"Blame Parade"

10/27/17 12:31PM

"The Right Wrong"

9/13/17 6:02PM
 Preorder Page

Release date 12/1/17.

The message below explaining how the extended family of The Dear Hunter were involved with this, I honestly am drawing a blank about. Maybe there were fans or friends/family members of the band who literally were part of the creative process? Or maybe this is the 1st release that Casey wasn't 100% involved with the writing?

And when/how? Maybe it was something done at the Summer Camp they did a few months ago? I dunno. I guess once the EP is out, it'll be more clear.

Just preordered regardless. All Is As All Should Be is a bit of a mouthful, but AIAASB might be easier?


The Right Wrong
Blame Paradise
Beyond the Pale
Shake Me (Awake)
Witness Me
All Is As All Should Be

Trailer included there:

We’ve never had a hit song—never been invited to a late night talk show—never had a song in a movie… but somehow, we are here in a place I never imagined possible. The Dear Hunter has been able to become the band we are today due to over a decade of passionate support from so many of you. 
When I wrapped up Act V, and we discussed our touring plans to support it, I felt it could be a great opportunity to do something we hadn’t done before. After navigating through a few different ideas, one hit me, and within a few seconds, I was committed to seeing it realized. Our goal would be to invite our friends—fans of the band—into the creative process… to be a conduit for their hearts and minds.
In the past, I’ve been clear about my desire to create for myself—to try and cut out the idea of perception while writing—to essentially pretend the music will never be heard until it is. This is different. While every single one of you is wholly unique, this EP, and these people, represent the extended family of The Dear Hunter - all of you leaving a fingerprint on these songs, and this project. 
Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, for us. Thank you for this EP.