Thursday, November 16, 2017

Genesis - Twilight Alehouse

Why on EARTH did I not know about this B-side track from the Foxtrot period????

A new podcast I checked out about Genesis, Phillin' Up on Genesis talked about it in 1 of their Foxtrot episodes.

It's pretty sweet, although I can't deny it reminds me of Get Em Out by Friday and Can Utility at times. But my lord, I've been under a rock.

I don't recall the Tabletop Genesis podcast including it, although maybe my memory is bad. In fairness, they have not done a podcast on Selling England I don't think, and it's the b-side to the "I Know What I Like" single.

Some modern band should record a cover of it, or even live sometime. Who? the obvious Spock's Beard of The Flower Kings, or Dave Kerzner perhaps. Or Big Big Train maybe.

Although if I had a choice, I'd love to someone like Mew or something do it, but doubt it will happen.