Friday, November 17, 2017

Galactic Cowboys - Long Way Back to the Moon (2017-2018)


Well officially THIS album is now the early leader in the Clubhouse. Really digging this thing. Very cool vinyl and black tee in the mail (on video soon?..perhaps).

.. ARE BACK! "Long Way Back to the Moon" is really fucking good! Tons of energy, layers, dynamics, vocal harmonies.

loving it already.

"Agenda" is awesome, so is In the Clouds, Drama Amisarewas.

11/15/17 6:03PM

"Next Joke"

10/26/17 12:24PM


 9/25/17 10:03AM
Pre order for November 17th release date

Long Way Back To The Moon (CD)
1. In The Clouds
2. Internal Masquerade
3. Blood In My Eyes
4. Next Joke
5. Zombies
6. Drama
7. Amisarewas
8. Hate Me
9. Losing Ourselves
10. Agenda
11. Long Way Back To The Moon
12. Believing The Hype (Bonus Track)
13. Say Goodbye To Utopia (Bonus Track)

time is short at the moment. Great, catchy new single. totally excited for this, the return of the Cowboys!