Saturday, November 25, 2017

SEEKING: 80's Cinematic Albums? (often with atmospheric synths)

I just posted this on some forums, and I guess while my request likely won't be filled in here, I may have to follow-up on this if/when I find anything that fits.

Would anyone around here have any good suggestions for albums preferably from the 80's (although they wouldn't have to be. Maybe late 70's or 90's, just having the style/sound/textures of an 80's sound per say).

I'm not necessarily referring to Soundtracks to films (or even tv), although that may be something that would fit what I'm looking for.

But I checked out a Saga album today "World's Apart" and while I didn't love it, in the 2nd half there were some moments that seemed rather cinematic, atmospheric, that seem like partially, something made based on the time/technology and maybe the story/concept if there is supposed to be one.

This goes back to sort of a romanticism and almost nostalgia for music that sounds like it's from then and almost makes me feel like I am transported back to that time.

Apes and Androids album "Blood Moon" had a lot of that. 

Also I often think of 80's Scifi movies like Night of the Comet with this specific aesthetic.

The band Metronomy have a pretty popular track titled "The Look" which the synthesizer bridge also captures a lot of what I'm looking for.

Some names like Tangerine Dream or some of the Krautrock stuff might fit what I'm looking for. I suppose if it isn't from a soundtrack, it could be preferably a CONCEPT album or at least a song/suite that tells a story in some ways.

I'm not sure if I'm reaching here and thinking there's a lot of music out there like this, when there is not. But I'd love any recommendations (and not stuff like Saga really as their sound sadly comes across a little too cheesy overall for me to attach to. Namely per the AOR style, vocals and plasticy sound a lot of it 80's Styx or Triumph or the long list of Neoprog bands I've never been able to like).