Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kevin Gilbert's "Miss Broadway" similarity to the Incubus song "Drive"

I just saw this posted on FB. I have never been all that into Incubus, but I'll admit that Incubus are a band I happen to mix with a lot of fans of, because a lot of their fans like the music I do (Kaddisfly namely).

But I never had heard this track "Drive" from them, but wow, the similarity is "uncanny" as it was posted on FB. It's not identical, but a lot closer than a lot of other songs that are so-called ripoffs even.

I wonder if the Incubus guys knew this song or any of Kevin's music. It would not be shocking, but still surprising to learn. Incubus are from California for what that's worth.

I may have to mention this on the Incubus Fans Forum just to see what some may think (even if they highly disagree).