Monday, May 26, 2014

Random Track Sharing: Shadow Gallery - Floydian Memories (2005)

This is not intending to come across like those tumblr entries, but I've for quite some time just thought, why not just post favorite tracks, namely from my listening history. And they may or may not include blurbs. Preferably they will, but how long does it take to post a YouTube embed code? 10 seconds or so. A blurb? depending on length, could take 30 minutes or more.

So, save for the random Facebook/twitter post, I may just throw them up in here.

This particular track/medley is to me Shadow Gallery's crowning achievement. It's just marvelous, how they segued so many different parts from the Floyd catalog so well, and being faithful to the arrangements for the most part, while still having a bit of a Shadow Gallery element to them (namely the late, great Mike Baker's vocals).

So, for those who have never heard this incredible 24+ minute opus/ode to the Floyd, it probably would still be well worth checking out (or revisiting for anyone who hasn't in many years, even since Room V dropped in 2005).