Monday, May 5, 2014

Agalloch - The Serpent & the Sphere (2014)

5/5/14 7:30AM

Stream per NPR

Again, pretty head-scratching why National Public Radio ends up with an exclusive stream. I suppose I'd rather see them have it instead of likes of the hipster-taste makers like P4K get it, but still the very idea just seems silly and out of place. Maybe they'll also get an exclusive stream when the new Ne Obvliscaris comes out later this year? lol.

3/18/14 5:07PM-3/19/14 11:50AM

US Release May 13th.


AGALLOCH - Celestial Effigy

01. "Birth And Death Of The Pillars Of Creation"
02. "(Serpens Caput)"
03. "The Astral Dialogue"
04. "Dark Matter Gods"
05. "Celestial Effigy"
06. "Cor Serpentis (The Sphere)"
07. "Vales Beyond Dimension"
08. "Plateau Of The Ages"
09. "(Serpens Cauda)"

New track "Celestial Effigy."...digging the last couple of minutes namely. Kind of par for the course for these guys sans the lack of samples.

Sorry P4K, lol.

1/31/14 2:05PM
more to put in later perhaps, but this should be pretty sweet. Samples included hopefully.

...and for the Europeans...
We are very proud and honored to announce that AGALLOCH will be working with us as the European partner for their new album. 
Their highly anticipated fifth full-length album "The Serpent & The Sphere" will be released on May 16th (Germany) and May 19th (Europe) via Eisenwald. 

Profound Lore Records will handle the North American release, which is set for May 13th.

Photo by Veleda Thorsson.