Monday, May 19, 2014

City and Colour - Settle Down [Kimbra cover, live] on Triple J's "Like a Version" (2012)

I know this video is from a couple of years ago, but I never saw it until this evening; and man, I am glad I did!

I don't have extensive amounts of time listening to Dallas Green and City and Colour (or Alexisonfire for that matter), but I do know and love his work on the Neverending White Lights song "The Grace."

Man, this sounds amazing! The guy has one of those voices that is just jaw-droppingly beautiful. It's so clean and thick tonally. Almost the sound of a perfectly clean and pristine sounding acoustic guitar. But it's HIS BLOODY VOICE, LOL.

I may really have to check out some City and Colour music, even if the style of music isn't typically my thing so much. His voice is just too good to sleep on alone. And this Kimbra cover is more evidence of that. Plus the arrangement is nice. Not a remake by any stretch. Very cool interpretation.