Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kevin Gilbert: Facebook + YouTube [Official]'s YouTube

This Topic on Mike Portnoy's forum was posted this past week about Nick D'Virgilio's involvement in The Shaming of the True . And Gruno, a noted friend and longtime collector/helper/supporter/promoter of many things Kevin Gilbert/Kevin Gilbert-related on a few forums and email lists, chimed in.

He mentioned a few things, but one being a documentary series about Kevin, and how Kevin's estate is now cool about these being made. Not just one part or 1 doc, but as I said, A SERIES covering "eras" of Kevin's musical career.

So, this video was just shared per the FB/YouTube page (among some other live and official videos), and there is certainly a lot of footage in there I have never seen. The fact Kevin did do some filming on his own, has me awfully curious about what may come with these i.e. Kevin did likely shoot a good amount of home video. And along those lines, given the fact Kevin was a studio hound and would literally leave the tape (or Reel-to-Reel) recording almost all-the-time, makes me curious if there is a lot of footage of him just recording. Which I suppose will have to be edited for the documentaries, but I'm sure there could be some very cool moments or just funny or poignant quotes.

I guess we'll see. These documentaries may not necessarily come out rapidly though, as I'm sure Gruno has other things he needs to do with his time as well. In other words, I would not expect to see some of them for a few years. But he mentioned perhaps the 1st one may come by the end of this year.

In the mean time, this new official page on FB and YouTube may provide more goodies or just info about things related to Kevin. Namely any new music the estate may release as well of course (which usually shows up on the official website, but having it on Social Media also should help).