Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Psychics: Experimental/Prog band from Winnipeg

5/6/14 1:18PM- 5/11/14 7:53AM

Trying to listen now, but unfortunately in replacing my modem yesterday (the desktop connection wasn't working), the new modem I received from XFinity appears to be having just as many if not more problems. I.e. this morning I'm unable to stream this track well  (or even check my email),.

But it is a 12+ minute jam of sorts. Sounds like some flute, percussion and textures emphasized. Hopefully when I'm able to finally listen to it without help from this brand new disfunctional broadband modem, I'll post more about it.

Interesting to note: This is the 2nd single from their upcoming record "You Don't Have To Be Afraid."

coming soon!

new single coming "Gondor Primulon" soon. Lord of the Rings influence?

4/25/14 12:19PM

I met 2 of the members of this Winnipeg band at the Warpaint concert at First Ave like a month ago, I've been meaning to share something about them, but haven't gotten around to it until now.

They have a debut LP or EP? coming, likely this Summer. Stylstically, they sort of fall under the psych/humor poppy prog. I dunno. I have only heard a few clips, but I like what I hear.

I thought they had a bandcamp page with 1 track, but I'm failing to find it at the moment. I'll be sure to edit in if/when I find it.
edit: "Water & Astrobiology"