Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yes - Heaven and Earth (2014)

5/31/14 4:50PM

new song "Believe Again"..not bad. Davison does sound like Jon Anderson a bit, almost too much, or at least maybe more than I would have expected.

3/28/14 11:18PM
This was announced like a week ago or more. Fly From Here wasn't bad, but in revisiting it, I didn't find it to have the Drama charm, nor Benoit David to work as well with Yes as Trevor Horn.
Now, the same may happen with Jon Davison, but I'm still curious. At least he does have the recording background with Glass Hammer.
Yes have confirmed their first album with singer Jon Davison will be entitled Heaven And Earth, and it’ll be released in early July.
It follows the launch of their 20th studio record, Fly From Here, in 2011, which featured vocals by Benoit David.
The new work was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, who worked with the band in Los Angeles.