Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rush Docs: The Rise of the Kings (1968-1981) + others

I've seen a few Rush documentaries, including of course the Sam Dunn one, Beyond the Lighted Stage and the one that was included on the Rush in Rio DVD.

This new one The Rise of the Kings, that I guess came out back in March in the UK and just a week or 2 ago in the US, appears to focus on the early period of Rush up through what some consider the end of their harder and progressive period.

It's available per Amazon.com HERE

In looking at the linked videos, I noticed these other 2 docs. "The Story So Far" shows a lot of older clips and interviews, plus has an extensive interview with Alex and Geddy from 2002.

The Story of Rush is a radio special that was captured by a guy from Detroit, MI. It aired on radio stations shortly after the release Exit Stage Left, which it sounds like it may have been done also to promote that new at-the-time live record.

Also it's probably worth noting, the 1st/Self-Titled Rush record from 1974 was just released as a deluxe packaged Vinyl Boxed Set titled Rush ReDISCovered .HERE

Oddly enough, in my vinyl collecting over the last few years, 1 of the few Rush titles I have yet to find/pickup is the Self-Titled debut LP. But, $43? I guess I may wait a bit for it; as I probably would go for finding just a decent condition 1st or 2nd pressing for a bit less instead. But who knows if/when that will happen, so that still is something I'll have to keep in mind. I would sooner go for finding an affordable priced copy of Presto, which is 1 of the others I'm still looking for on vinyl.