Saturday, February 15, 2014

King's X (or "Sneak Preview") - "Linda" (from 1983)

Wow. I had never heard nor seen this video or song before. Not a bad, catchy tune. As much as I love King's X. I have not heard all that much of the music they made before their debut album Out of the Silent Planet, from 1988. But of course I know of their history, which dates nearly a decade before that record (1979 I believe is when Dug Pinnick and Ty Tabor met).

But the hardcore and longtime fans know a lot about this stuff, especially if they lived in Springfield, MO where Sneak Preview and the other names they went by (The Edge I recall being another).

I wonder if those folks have uploaded many other videos from these periods, as I'd be curious to see or hear more. I do have a bootleg or 2 of them playing a few covers like Roxanne by The Police. And I know they would play covers frequently. I even remember hearing about them covering Rush ("Tom Sawyer" I recall).