Saturday, February 8, 2014

Casey Crescenzo on the "Pointless Podcast" (77 mins long)

This is a recent extensive interview/podcast with Casey from Kevin Pereira of the "Pointless Podcast."
A pretty in-depth interview with Casey more or less covering his life and history doing music, all the way up to and including much about the upcoming Symphony that from what he said in the podcast, should be coming out sometime in April in different formats to the general public (which it may be in limited physical distribution in music stores, although it may be coming sooner to those who pledged to the pledemusic campaign).

I guess a few things come to mind in watching it.

1) this dude Kevin Pereira I was reminded just after watching this, was the dude from "Attack of the Show" on the G4 Network that had The Dear Hunter guest appear in 2011 I recall (and not Chris Hardwick, for some reason after seeing him on their Comic-Con coverage, I assumed it was the same guy).

2) As extensive as this interview is with Casey, he I don't recall, was able to confirm a title or even what name the Symphony will be released under. "Casey Crescenzo?" "The Dear Hunter"? "The Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo" "The [so and so] Orchestra performing" blah blah blah. I know it's just semantical, but still important to know, and soon I imagine.

3) Casey I thought mentioned he was working with another band, but Kevin didn't have Casey elaborate on that, or actually any of his other projects beyond TDH, TREOS and the Symphony. Which I follow in terms of priorities, importance, etc makes the most sense. But I would still love him to even mention stuff like K Sera, The Elephant in the Room and of course The River Empires. Although by most accounts, Casey doesn't have much to add about the present and future of TRE right now, just from asking him or seeing a comment recently...i.e. he's in the dark as much as all of us about TRE right now. But to even have him talk a little about Epilogue would be worthwhile I suppose.

But the info about the Symphony; the concept of a man and the 4 movements and his experiences/relationships with 4 different women.(and getting to hearing samples!), along with the fact The Dear Hunter will be looking to make a new record this Summer. And his passion for this Symphony, perhaps it could lead him to do more/more things like it like score/soundtrack work in Hollywood, etc is nice to hear about. I think about the likes of Kevin Gilbert or even Matt Mahaffey recently, and it would hardly be surprising to see Casey doing some of that. Even paying his bills with it, but maybe he would have more of a genuine interest doing that stuff, than Kevin or Matt did (although I am not one to truly know if those who do scores and soundtracks..even for commercials, genuinely enjoy doing it, which many may).

The history stuff with TREOS is nice to hear a little more in detail. Many fans know some of it, but not quite as much and from Casey's perspective, now, a number of years later. The thing about Shame, I could only guess who he's referring to, but I'm likely totally naive to the story. But it does put that song in a little different perspective, although I doubt I won't still enjoy it any less still.

But, that's more or less what I take from this. It's not a short listen/watch, and this dude Kevin Pereira does at times seem to enjoy the sound of his own voice (something I'm guilty of myself, I'll admit), which I imagine some of what Casey may have said was included (both what he said, edited out, and what he may have said, but Kevin cut him off it seemed. Or Kevin and Casey were talking simultaneously, and Casey's speech was not captured as well as Kevin's). But generally, this interviewer seems like he knows his stuff and genuinely is a passionate fan of Casey's like many of us, and for that, I enjoyed this interview more than others.