Saturday, February 22, 2014

ququRi/Kukuri (Misato Yamanaka ex-Kacica?) - Phantom Theater (2013)

In just doing a little research for another entry coming soon, I wondered what has happened to the great Japanese post/prog band Kacica, and it seems they have vanished. Their Facebook is gone, their homepage it appears as well. And Misato Yamanaka, their singer took the "kacica" part out of her twitter url, and changed it to "yamanakamisato" instead.

But I noticed on her twitter page a link to this musical project called "ququRi" (or "Kukuri"?) and went to said site (and used Google Chrome's translator) to check it out. Although it doesn't show her name there, but it has the below debut record Phantom Theater and track list along with the 2 Soundcloud links below. And I must say, those tunes are rather nice! Not exactly like Kacica, more acoustic and piano driven, but so what.

It appears Phantom Theater was released last April.

edit: Here's the profile on their website:

pianist / composer Akiko Sakakibara vocals and the mountains of Misato kacica.
2 who were born and raised in Nara formed a ququRi (kukri) in 2012.
Named Kukri is derived from (God of princess enclosed) Kikurihime God.

So it seems this is a 2-member project with Misato and this other female japanese musician Akiko Sakakibara.

It also appears there's a bunch of nice live videos on Youtube. And actually some other live Kacica videos are linked there, with some songs I don't recall like "Last" "Herbert"  and "Rainbow" which sounds familiar. Those videos appear to be from their 2011 Fall/Winter tour of Japan. So, a few years ago, but not so long ago. Maybe Kacica is just on hiatus? I sent Misato a message on twitter just asking about that and ququRi, so maybe that will help.

edit 2: Here's Misato's reply to me on Twitter. New band is called


@AllMediaReviews kacica has stopped activity now.New band's name is "AYNIW TEPO"(ainiu tepo) Please check this.(^^)→

So, going about hearing this whole record may not be so easy, but if I can manage to do so, I am rather interested, even if it may be as an alternative to Kacica for now, or forever.

1, biscuits
2, moonlight
3, china
4, goldfish
5, sheep
6, tunnel of love
7, film of that day