Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pitchfork Media: The Leader in Hipster Metal

2/6/14 9:33PM
Since when did Cynic become hipster? LOL sad thing is, the band themself shared this (otherwise I never would have noticed), and probably figure any exposure is good exposure. But it still is rather baffling to see their name along with anything involving that site, and their substance-less approach. Because they sure as hell have talked about Cynic in the past, and I'm sure they will now go ahead and stream and review Focus Traced In Air and the rest of  Cynic's discography, along with all the related projects like Atheist, Aghora, Gordian Knot, Aeon Spoke, etc, LOL.

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1/23/12 3:02PM!/pitchforkmedia/status/161548420497145857

Yeah, yeah. I'm sure they're deeply schooled in listening to Black Metal and all sorts of other non-traditional styles of Metal. Their review history includes some Opeth albums, Mastodon, Agalloch's latest and maybe Krallice.

Yeah, Pukefork Media, where all Metal fans should get their reviews from.

LOL. They're probably never going to stop this shit until someone they look up to actually calls them out on it.