Friday, February 7, 2014

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Zombie Mouth (2014)

2/7/14 5:19PM

It was finally made available to the pledgemusic supporters on Wednesday. Artwork anf more *official* release date will be given soon, as well as the hardcopies being available in about a month. I would anticipate it being available on the regulars like Amazon and iTunes as well as cdbaby like some of their others.

As far as the record, I am enjoying a lot of it. The vocals do work, and it sounds like Lisi took the lead on many if not all of them. I'd say among the songs that caught my ear so far, "So Long" "Galacticty," "Give Me More" and especially the quite heavy "Sleep." I'm wondering if my friend That Drummer Guy will look to that one to play on 1 of his radio shows soon.

I also noticed a comment or two on Facebook about some of these tunes being holdovers from 1 of John Wright's old bands, Produkt, a band he played in with Greg Herriges and some others.

Track list:
1. So Long 5:27
2. Wrong Shui 5;25
3. Into You 2:23
4. Floating Intro 0:27
5. Floating 4:59
6. Going Nowhere Fast 1:48
7. All or Nothing 3:33
8. Not at All 5:30
9. Galacticty 3:50
10. ZombieMouth 5:48
11. Sleep 3:21
12. Broken Marionett 4:45
13. Give Me More 5:34

11/29/13 8:10AM

3 days left, 91%.

10/8/13 10:44PM

sounds intriguing, including the vocals part, lol.

I enjoy both of their proper/original music studio records enough (2009's Lookin' For a Little Strange and 2011's All Out of Peaches) and , but who knows, this may be better. John Wright consistently makes interesting music (namely with his awesome progressive folk/rock group Lehto & Wright). TGCO are newer, thus, may have more to do/say/experiment/evolve, etc

Zombie Mouth may be a leap of sorts for them.

Zombie Mouth
Pre-order our new album Zombie Mouth here! Help save us from the zombie apocalypse!
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra (GCO) has been freakin’ people’s minds with our crazy art-rock music for 4 years – we’ve released 4 albums: 2 original, 2 cover. It’s been awhile since our last double-release and the time has come!

After two years of touring, playing some great shows and making new friends, we’ve managed to write and record a new album! We love it and are excited to share the music with all of you. As many of you know, our last two original albums featured complex instrumental tunes. But, man, we like to sing too! So, with Zombie Mouth (that’s what we’re calling it :)), we delve into original vocal explorations as well.

We are involved in an ever-changing music business that can no longer count on record labels for any kind of real financial backing. More and more bands are acting as their own label and this is true for GCO too. We do what we do – touring, album releases, rental costs for album release parties – is all paid for with our own gig/merch income.

We started this pledge music campaign to help us cover mastering and manufacturing costs for our CD and vinyl. That’s right, vinyl! Now our fans can be involved in our little, independent GCO record label too! :) We’ve assembled some great rewards and we’re looking forward to getting this record done and in your hands as soon as possible.

We’re stoked to involve our fans in this project and, through your involvement in this campaign, we’ll be sharing exclusive downloads and videos so you can keep up with our crazy pre-release antics.