Friday, February 7, 2014

Cynic - Kindly Bent to Free Us (2014)

2/7/14 11:22AM
whole album is available to stream on p4k. Using google should bring you the link (nauseating thought of course that site would be where it's available, but whatevah).

1/28/14 4:30PM

New song/video for "True Hallucination Speak"
liking it. This album is sounding more and more like my thing. Very trippy (hence the title).

1/14/14 12:15PM

title track: no I haven't heard it yet (at work of course)

  12/10/13 4;22PM


track list now added, and a new track "The Lion's Roar" (with the typical Youtube compression included, but so be it).which after hearing once, I like, but hardly love initially. The digitized vocals seem gone forever. Many comments compare this track to something by the band Aeon Spoke which I've seen the name, but wasn't fully aware of is/was Sean Reinert and Paul Masdival's proggy college rock band from the mid 2000's, prior to the Traced In Air period.

In reading about and sampling some of Aeon's Spoke's music, I may want to check them out. And perhaps the comparisons in this new Cynic album to them will help me accept and enjoy this record more than I may have somehow, lol.


01. True Hallucination Speak
02. The Lion’s Roar
03. Kindly Bent To Free Us
04. Infinite Shapes
05. Moon Heart Sun Head
06. Gitanjali
07. Holy Fallout
08. Endlessly Bountiful
09. Earth Is My Witness (deluxe CD book exclusive bonus track)

11/10/13 4:22PM
February 14th, 2014

I love Focus. Their last release, the Carbon Based Anatomy EP was interesting even if it had no Metal on it, and was them doing Post Rock. Traced In Air and The Portal Tapes sadly did more or less NOTHING for me (and given the fact they were written/recorded just after Focus, is maybe why they were so disappointing).

Why I am kind of not expecting this record to floor me or sound like Focus unfortunately. But perhaps it'll surprise me. I know a ton of people who will be going apeshit over it anyway, so if they find this posting, I'm happy to pass it along. More of the info as far as Tracklist, etc I would expect to happen soon.

From Facebook

The wait is soon over. Here's your look at the cover of Cynic's new album, "Kindly Bent to Free Us." Available worldwide on Valentine's Day, 2-14-14.

on a related note, I had no idea Focus was released on Vinyl earlier this year, and for $20 from THE LASERS EDGE, I just purchased a copy.