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Fates Warning - Paralells (remaster 2010)

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"Jarzombek: Right now I'm demoing stuff with FATES WARNING. A new song I just e-mailed to (guitarist) Jim (Matheos) a couple days ago turned out really good. He's got a 16-minute song for me that I'm gonna start listening to.I am excited about recording the record with FATES WARNING, and I'll probably do that when I get back from doing this tour with Sebastian in February or March"

I'm just playing messenger here. I love Fates Warning. They are probably my 3rd or 4th favorite artist/band/music of all-time. But I don't have the time to write some long term-paper tribute to them right now. In due time perhaps. But in the mean time, appreciate the Fates and look forward to this re-release. The reunion would be grand to see, but it would also be healthy for me to save $ for a down-payment on a house or new car someday. If they hit town, of course I'd go. But the odds of that are about as good as myselt recording a Fates Warning tribute album.

Also of course, a few months back as I recall posting, the next album should come out in 2010. That of course is as big a deal as a fan of this band as anything.

Metal Blade Records has set a tentative March 16 release date for a special-edition of "Parallels", the classic 1991 album from the progressive metal band FATES WARNING. In addition to remastered audio, there will be a second audio disc of live and demo material. The package will also include a DVD with nearly three hours of material, including a complete live show from the 1992 "Parallels" tour and a documentary on the making of "Parallels" which includes live, studio, and current day interview footage with all the band members, Terry Brown (producer) and Brian Slagel (CEO of Metal Blade Records).

"Parallels" special Edition tracklisting:

CD 1 - "Parallels"

01. Leave The Past Behind
02. Life In Still Water (feat. James LaBrie)
03. Eye To Eye
04. The Eleventh Hour
05. Point Of View
06. We Only Say Goodbye
07. Don't Follow Me
08. The Road Goes On Forever

CD 2 - "Parallels" Live In Hollywood, California on January 23, 1992

01. Leave The Past Behind (live)
02. Don't Follow Me (live)
03. Eleventh Hour (live)
04. Point Of View (live)
05. Eye To Eye (live)
06. Nothing Left To Say (live)
07. Quietus (live)
08. Through Different Eyes (live)
09. Leave The Past Behind (demo)
10. Eye To Eye (demo)
11. Eleventh Hour (demo)
12. Point Of View (demo)
13. Don't Follow Me (demo)


* Filmed live in concert in New Haven, Connecticut on February 13, 1992
* Features current interviews with all band members as well as acclaimed producer Terry Brown and Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel
* Rare and exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the 1992 U.S. tour

To coincide with this release, the "Parallels" lineup of FATES WARNING — Ray Alder (vocals), Jim Matheos (guitar), Frank Aresti (guitar), Joe DiBiase (bass), and Mark Zonder (drums) — is planning to play a few reunion shows. At this time, the only confirmed dates are as follows:

March 26 – Thessaloniki, Greece
March 27 – Athens, Greece

There will likely be one or two U.S. shows added to this, and possibly one more European date.

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