Sunday, January 31, 2010

Distrails - Dry Flies?

I love this promising duo/sideproject from NC. Virginia Creeper is an inspiring and gorgeous sounding ep from 2008.

I don't have the time now, but I'll just add that given these new songs were put up in DECEMBER, myspazz is soh not reliable anymore for news.

I found a 4-track zip on a blog, but 1 of the files was corrupted. But no matter, most if not all of them can be streamed on their

Facebook Page

this site


The full-length they have worked-on and sadly lost due to pc issues I guess from what Bitsy told me, I imagine is in the works. But lack of web-communication has left me in the dark somewhat. But I hope 2010 will end up being a big year for this band. In the mean time, these new songs are definitely going to be enjoyed by myself and others I'm sure (as they already have been I imagine).


Jared said...

Sorry one of the songs was corrupt. Try this one! Thanks for listening to us!! Flies.rar

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