Friday, January 29, 2010

Time Time Time Time Time..and procrastination

I'm awful at actually doing things, accomploshing things when I can relax.

So in the last 3 weeks, how many days have I had off? lol..and how much blogging and lists on rym have I got done?

I feel a bit like a sports team that gets a big lead and then lets the other team back in the game.

Or I can just say my sleep cycle and some other things such as have monopolized much of my time. But that's no excuse.

And I suppose I have kept up with a lot of tv and cleared some older dvr recordings. Save for saving every episode of PSYCH that airs that isn't a High-Definiion recording (which jacks 5x's as much space on a dvr as a standard recording).

Well, for what I can STILL accomplish this weekend and such I'll try and post what I can in here in the coming hours/days.

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