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Lehto & Wright - Children's Songs (2010)

1/13/10 2:13AM

Update (although the topic title may change and some of this may be reposted when I write a more detailed or accurate review. But for now, this getting the bump-treatment probably makes sense).

It's being released in March or April likely (but the cd release show of course I purchase a copy on Saturday Night (1/9/10).

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This album is pretty schweet (DVD included). However


Like Greg Herriges brilliant "Telluric Currents" record from 2009, I'll praise this record all year, and nobody save for a few friends of mine will ever even want to hear it.


1) Wasn't That a Time 3:16

2) The Broomfield Hill 6:28

3) Children's Songs 32:00

(All Tunes Traditional, Arr: Lehto and Wright except as noted)

The Rigs of London Town (Sing by Charlie Wills, from the Rounder CD,
Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales: Songs of Seduction)

Introduction (including Prelude No. 5 by Manuel Maria Ponce)
Emerrode (Piers Hellawell)
Kinderszenen, Op. 15 No. 1. Von fremden Lándern und Menschen (Robert Schuman)
The Blue Tail Fly
Blackberry Blossom
The Peeler's Jacket
Children's Song No. 1 (Chick Corea)
Children's Song No. 7 (Chick Corea)
Gearrchaili Bhaile an Mhuilinn
Máramarosi Tánc (Béla Bartók)
Buckinghames branle
Stack the Rags
Children's Song No. 15 (Chick Corea)
Katonanóta (Soldier's Song) (Béla Bartók)
Prelude No. 5 (Manuel Maria Ponce)/Rigs of London Town (Reprise)
After the Rain (John Coltrane)
Albatross (Children's Song) (Steve Lehto)
The Rain Song [Excerpt] (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant)

4) Betsy bell and Mary Gray 18:25



Hello Good Celtic and American Folk Rock Fans.
We hope this message finds you all well in this Holiday season.

This is a little note to let everyone on our mailing list know about our upcoming 10th Anniversary and CD release concert. The event will take place on SATURDAY, JANUARY 9TH at The Celtic Junction in St. Paul, MN.

Some of you might not have heard from us in awhile so this is our way of saying HELLO! and please come and visit us at this show.

Our new release is called "Children's Song's" and includes our first ever DVD with some live in-studio performances and an interview. We worked very hard and long on this piece of recorded audio. It's our most ambitious work to date and we are very proud of all of it's 4 tracks, totaling over 60 minutes worth of music.

"Children's Song's" will be available at the show or anywhere music is sold by March of 2010.

We hope to see some old (and new) friends at this event!

Hope to see you all soon!
Happy Holidays!
John, Steve and Matt

Lehto & Wright

Showcase MN
We just found out that we will be featured on KARE 11's showcase MN on:

TUESDAY, JAN. 5TH from 10:00-11:00 am

This is in promotion of our upcoming 10th Anniversary and CD Release Concert!

Tune in, or watch online at the following link.

So, this is pretty f-ing schweet. Almost 1-year to the day when they played the whole thing at Greg Herriges CD Release show @ The Cedar, they will be doing the same likely at The Celctic Junction with the new record "Children's Song's" available. I hope the punctuation is correct in that.

From memory, it's I recall about 40 some odd minutes, and 1 song with many time changes and transitions, etc. Thick-As-A-Brick anyone?

And to go along with that cd release show, Lehto & Wright are showing up Kare-11 the Tuesday beforehand. Very Cool! DVR shall be set.

Now I'd of course love to see more of the forums catch-on to Lehto & Wright like they should be able to. However, like Greg Herriges (and Dean Magraw for that matter) I suppose I don't expect it. Why? I don't exactly know to be honest. They really should. This kind of progressive-folk rock is damn good and the prog fan really should like. I'm not sure, but some of it might be just the conservative tastes of many of the people on these forums.

But will I mention it? hell yes!

2010, we get Midlake venturing into the folky-prog styles and we also get this epic record from Lehto & Wright doing some of those similar traditions. I could see it being local record of the year. Of course Between Two Skies may have something to say about that, but that is more of an IF they do at this point.

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